Sorry, Dems, the likability question isn’t sexist

Sorry, Dems, the likability question isn’t sexist
Image: YouTube screen grab via America Rising

[Ed. – Democrats will never give up their rationalizations of why one of their candidates loses. ‘What Happened‘ is now the party motto.]

… Elizabeth Warren’s announcement of her exploratory committee has ignited a discussion about whether it’s worse — sexist — to point out that a woman may not be likable enough to win, than it is to say this of men. Pundits took issue with a piece Politico ran titled “Warren Battles the Ghosts of Hillary,” asking whether Warren would be “written off as too unlikable before her campaign gets off the ground.”

Those pushing back insist this is simply blanket discomfort with women leaders, having nothing to do with individual personality or character. “Many of these voters are people who esteem themselves to be feminists or otherwise free of bias, but who will nevertheless find themselves uncomfortable with a woman in power, unable to articulate what it is that bothers them about Elizabeth Warren — except for a vague sense that they just don’t like her,” Moira Donegan wrote in a Guardian piece titled “The issue with Elizabeth Warren isn’t likability. It’s sexism.”

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