Pentagon extends U.S. border mission to September 2019

Pentagon extends U.S. border mission to September 2019
U.S. troops put up concertina wire on border fence south of San Diego. YouTube video, World News

[Ed. – In other words, it’s to the end of the fiscal year.  The border mission will reportedly expand slightly to performing more surveillance.]

The Pentagon announced late Monday that it is extending the mission of active duty troops to the Mexico border through September, marking almost a year-long domestic deployment of forces there.

The approximately 4,500 active duty and National Guard forces now on the border were first sent there in late October 2018 to meet a request from President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security to secure border entry points from thousands of immigrants traveling north through Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. …

“DoD is transitioning its support at the southwestern border from hardening ports of entry to mobile surveillance and detection, as well as concertina wire emplacement between ports of entry. DoD will continue to provide aviation support.”

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