She accused him of rape. Text messages proved it was a lie.

She accused him of rape. Text messages proved it was a lie.
Nikole P. Tucker (Image: Warren County Sheriff's Office)

[Ed. – This can’t be right, according to Dems, who insist that no women lie about sexual assault, which is why the burden of proof rests with the accused.]

A college student claimed she was forcibly raped by a man and reported him to police. Now she’s been arrested for filing a false accusation.

On December 16, 2018, Nikole P. Tucker reported that she had been forcibly raped by a man while in her dorm at the State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack. Police responded and began investigating her claims. During the investigation, police discovered text messages between the 20-year-old Tucker and the man she accused, which proved the sexual encounter had been entirely consensual.

“The two had met through an online dating website, and he is not a student at the college. Tucker admitted she made a false report when confronted with evidence that belied her claims, authorities said,” according to a local report from the Post Star.

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Police told the Post Star that Tucker “became upset with the man” after their consensual encounter and made up the rape claim.

The man she accused is not a student, so Tucker would not be able to accuse him through the school’s Title IX policy.

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