Dems dump trash collected from national park in front of White House

Dems dump trash collected from national park in front of White House
Jackie Speier (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – At last, Speier has found a job commensurate with her skills.]

Remember during Obama’s 2013 government shutdown, GOP lawmakers dumped trash in front of the White House?

Yeah, me neither.

That’s because, despite their flaws, Republican lawmakers tend to act like grown-ups, while the Democrat Party is increasingly more and more out-of-control, spiteful and childish.

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One of the Dem representatives pulling the stunt, Jackie Speier, claims that the situation in the national parks is “a real security problem.” And that President Trump is “turning us into a third-world country,”

So, thousands of illegals pouring through are borders, some carrying tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases is a contrived, “phony” crisis, but having the trash uncollected for two weeks is a real security problem that’s turning us into a third-world country?

Got it.

Via Fox News.

With trash cans overflowing at national parks across the country amid the partial government shutdown, two Democratic lawmakers from California made a show of bringing some of the garbage to the White House on Wednesday.

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