Jogger attacked by a dog — and bitten by dog’s owner, say police

Jogger attacked by a dog — and bitten by dog’s owner, say police

[Ed. – A variation on the ‘man bites dog’ story.]

A dog attacked a woman jogging in a Northern California park on Thursday — but it wasn’t the canine whose bite left “significant wounds” on the jogger’s arm, according to police.

The dog’s owner punched, tackled and bit the jogger in Anthony Chabot Regional Park as the jogger returned from her run, the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department said in a news release. The jogger was bitten as she tried to shove the dog’s owner off of her.

“Based on the nature and severity of the crime, police are asking the public’s assistance to help identify this female,” police said, releasing a picture of the suspected attacker.

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The human-on-human assault came after the jogger pepper sprayed the dog around 10:25 a.m. as the animal tried to attack, police said. The female dog owner “accosted” the jogger on the Goldenrod Trail between the park’s equestrian center and the Oakland City Stables.

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