Lights out: Tech malfunctions mar Elizabeth Warren Iowa debut

Lights out: Tech malfunctions mar Elizabeth Warren Iowa debut
Elizabeth Warren (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Someone trying to tell her something.]

Elizabeth Warren undoubtedly needed another beer after she suffered technical difficulties during her Iowa campaign debut.

The far-left Massachusetts senator was holding an event at a Council Bluffs bar, The Gathering Room, on Friday night.

About 5 minutes into her 30-minute appearance, the lights went noticeably dark and the microphone stopped working.

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Warren was railing on about “corruption” in politics when suddenly there was a pop sound, the lights dimmed and her microphone stopped working.

She stretched out her arms, unsure what to do.

She continued talking without the microphone to the room that reportedly holds about 150 people.

“Can’t hear you!” someone shouted.

“I know, I’m doing my best,” Warren responded, asking if anybody could help with the “tech”. She asked in vain if somebody had another mic.

People who couldn’t hear her could be heard chatting among themselves.

More than 5 minutes into the ordeal, Warren was unaware that the mic started working.

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