Billionaire behind fake ‘Russian bot’ theme targeting Roy Moore is Microsoft board member

Billionaire behind fake ‘Russian bot’ theme targeting Roy Moore is Microsoft board member
Reid Hoffman (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Describing what this guy (Reid Hoffman) funded is always an eye-watering word salad, and hard to follow.  But the bottom line is that he tried to plant a false impression that Moore was being supported by Russian bots, in the manner we’re supposed to believe Trump was. Hoffman keeps turning up in theoretically legitimate and mainstream enterprises: first a report to the U.S. Senate on the influence of Russian bots in 2016 (er, gee whiz); now on the board of Microsoft.]

A prominent internet billionaire and Microsoft board member spent $100,000 funding a campaign to manipulate the 2017 Alabama Senate special election. That race pitted candidate Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones against one another. Moore eventually lost.

Microsoft board member Reid Hoffman apologized for his involvement in the disinformation campaign on Dec. 26. Microsoft has refused to respond to a request for comment and a spokesperson said merely the company has “nothing to share at this time.”

However, Hoffman’s involvement may have violated Microsoft’s own “Standards of Business Conduct.” One of the standards listed includes a mandate to “Communicate Accurately to the Public.” Statements should be “honest and not misleading.”

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