Millennials’ panties now wadded over classic ‘Seinfeld’ gag

Millennials’ panties now wadded over classic ‘Seinfeld’ gag
'Seinfeld' (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed= These snowflakes are a humorless lot,]

So much of our culture today seems to be about finding reasons to hate pop culture from even a decade or two ago.

Now, one of the most popular and successful TV shows of all time is considered problematic for several jokes that were okay – or a little edgy – in the 1990s that are now offensive to American millennials. The previous victim of this new, politically correct world was “Friends.” Now, “Seinfeld” is getting the social justice warrior treatment.

In an article for Bustle just before the New Year, writer Angelica Florio details 13 jokes from the nine-season show that are unacceptable by today’s standards. Number one on the list is possibly the most well-known joke from the entire series, the “Soup Nazi.”

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“What might be the most well-known joke from Seinfeld is also one of its most disappointing ones. Maybe in 1995, when the episode (titled ‘The Soup Nazi’) aired, it felt okay for viewers, but in 2018 when groups of Neo-Nazis have become noticeably emboldened, using the term “Nazi” to label someone as a joke doesn’t sit so well anymore,” Florio wrote.

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