Lawyer represents illegals who say they were employed by Trump golf course

Lawyer represents illegals who say they were employed by Trump golf course
Anibal Romero (Image: The Romero Firm)

[Ed. – Whether or not he is able to make the allegations stick, will he as an officer of the court turn his clients over to immigration authorities for possible deportation.]

Federal and state investigators are reportedly looking into employment documents for undocumented immigrants who say they were employed at President Trump’s golf club in New Jersey.

Anibal Romero, a Newark, N.J., attorney who represents five immigrants who say they worked at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., told The Washington Post on Saturday that he met with investigators from the New Jersey state attorney general’s office and two FBI agents in November.

Romero said his meeting with the investigators occurred before the employees began to tell their stories publicly.

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Romero told the Post that he handed over fake green cards and Social Security numbers that supervisors allegedly gave one of his clients, Victorina Morales. The newspaper reported that Romero additionally turned over pay stubs for another client, Sandra Diaz, a 46-year-old from Costa Rica who has legal immigration status now.

However, Diaz says that she did not have legal status when she was employed at the club for three years.

The Post notes that the materials collected indicate that investigators may be probing the hiring practices at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster.

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