NYC to hire 6 workers to remove used needles from parks

NYC to hire 6 workers to remove used needles from parks
Bill de Blasio (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Bill de Blasio can taking credit for creating jobs.]

The city plans to hire six workers just to clean up the fields of syringes littering drug-infested South Bronx parks amid the failure of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s program to get junkies to toss their used needles in special bins.

Asked about The Post’s front-page story on the syringe-dropping plague, the Parks Department said Friday that the new workers — to be hired in January at an annual cost of about $350,000 in salaries and benefits — will be “dedicated to routinely canvassing and cleaning high-volume areas” favored by addicts.

The agency also said it would spend $450,000 a year to pay for specially trained mental-health workers to start cleaning out the mayor’s needle-disposal boxes and “providing life-saving services and connections to treatment and other care” to the addicts they meet in the parks.

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Both announcements came after The Post revealed how de Blasio’s controversial, syringe-collection program racked up a dismal 11 percent success rate during its first six months.

Official Parks Department statistics show that between May 1 and Oct. 24, workers picked up nearly 60,000 needles from the ground in 14 Bronx parks, while just 7,000 were tossed into Hizzoner’s 44 locked containers.

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