McClatchy reporter on publishing flimsy Cohen cell phone ping story: ‘It’s a competitive business’

[Ed. – Anything to ‘get’ Trump.]

Since the 2016 primaries, the mainstream media has been in a “scoop fever” to be the first to break news damaging to Donald Trump.

That obsession with scoops is evident on Twitter, where Journalist Twitter makes sure to let other Journalists know when they have a SCOOP.

This scoop-obsession has led to a lot of embarrassing missteps and faulty reporting, and it appears to be what drove McClatchy to run with a story recently that is being met with great skepticism even from other journalists.

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I wrote about the McClatchy story in More “Russia Collusion” Media PSYOPs – McClatchy cell-phone ping report on Michael Cohen in Prague. The reporting claimed that Michael Cohen’s cell phone pinged a tower near Prague in the summer of 2016. If true, that might lend some support to the claim in the infamous Steele Dossier that Cohen attended a meeting in Prague at which collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians was discussed.

But the McClatchy story was not based on the personal knowledge of McClatchy’s unnamed sources.

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