The Associated Press contradicts its own reporting on Iran in order to attack Trump

The Associated Press contradicts its own reporting on Iran in order to attack Trump

[Ed. – Publishing fake news carries a high cost.]

An Associated Press fact-check of President Trump’s tweet this week attacking the now-defunct Iran nuclear deal omits all details of the Obama administration admitting it paid the Iranians millions of dollars to ensure the safe return of U.S. hostages.

The omission is notable all on its own, but it’s doubly so considering it was a former AP reporter who got State Department spokesman John Kirby to concede on the record in 2016 that the $400 million airlifted into Tehran was definitely contingent on the return of American captives.

This story begins with an error-riddled Dec. 24 tweet from the president, which reads:

There is a lot wrong in that statement. …

The AP fact-check, titled, “ Trump revisits old fictions about Iran money,” covers all of this in-depth. Where the report skimps on the details is when it includes the following line: “$400 million, representing the principal and held in a U.S. government trust fund, was paid in cash and flown to Tehran on a cargo plane, which gave rise to Trump’s dramatic accounts of money stuffed in barrels or boxes and delivered in the dead of night.” That’s all it has to say about the $400 million.

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