Dems are at it again — this time, smearing wall supporters as ‘deplorables’

Dems are at it again — this time, smearing wall supporters as ‘deplorables’

[Ed. – Dems say their hearts go out to migrant children. But what about children in their own country?]

[Talk show host Jimmy] Kimmel’s rant is typical of the ­bicoastal elite. They are indifferent to problems affecting average Americans, including the threats posed by open borders. As illegal immigrants flood into our communities, schools and social services are stretched thin.

Place a migrant child who speaks no English and lacks school skills in a classroom, and all the teacher’s attention has to be ­focused on that one child. The other kids lose out. Elites don’t feel it; Hollywood big shots don’t send their kids to public schools.

More than half of voters think ­illegal immigration is a strain on the US budget and that a wall should be a part of the solution, per Rasmussen.

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Soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with these concerns. That’s why she made the embarrassing mistake in last week’s meeting with Trump of predicting he would never get enough votes in the House for $5 billion in border funding. She was wrong. On Thursday night, the House approved $5.7 billion for the border, and sent the measure over to the Senate the following day.

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