NYT reveals: Secret to happiness is government programs, high taxes

NYT reveals: Secret to happiness is government programs, high taxes
Stand aside, Disneyland, for Kauniainen, Finland: government-services paradise and the official Happiest Place on Earth. YouTube video

[Ed. – It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.  The leftists used to at least pretend to have the same interest the rest of us do in sources of genuine happiness and fulfillment. Now they just open with the proposition that the key is having your life controlled by the state.]

Turns out the secret to happiness is . . .  virtually unlimited government programs, and the high taxes to pay for them. The secret was uncovered by intrepid NYT reporter Patrick Kingsley in an article entitled, “It’s Cold, Dark and Lacks Parking. But Is This Finnish Town the World’s Happiest?” 

The Finnish town in question is Kauniainen, and its mayor claimed the “happiest town” title after a UN study found Finland the world’s happiest country, and another study found Kauniainen’s residents to be the most satisfied in the country.

From the article [emphasis added]:

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    The local adult center is “subsidized by both the state and the city [and] offers cheap evening classes to residents ‘in basically anything that people might be interested in,’” according to its director. …

  • “In this single small town, there are over 100 sports and cultural clubs, all of them subsidized in some way by the local council.”

  • “When residents argued, two decades ago, whether they should build an ice hockey rink or a handball court, the council solved the dispute by funding both.”

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