Michael Bloomberg flew huge blocks of ice to London on private jet to demonstrate ‘climate change’

Michael Bloomberg flew huge blocks of ice to London on private jet to demonstrate ‘climate change’
Ice in winter (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – How will he demonstrate that the Loch Ness monster exists?]

Former New York mayor — and possible 2020 presidential candidate — Michael Bloomberg has flown several giant blocks of ice from Greenland to London for a public demonstration on how “climate change” affects the polar ice caps.

The blocks of ice, you see, melt in London’s warmer weather, as ice is wont to do when temperatures hover above freezing.

Bloomberg timed the ice display to coincide with a United Nations international colloquium on climate change held earlier this month in Poland. That gathering, known as the “COP,” is designed to help nations come together to “solve” the global climate “crisis,” and Bloomberg, it seems, was doing his part by showing Londoners that ice can melt when the weather gets warmer.

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There’s just one problem — or, at least, there’s one major irony. The ice chunks had to be flown from Greenland to London using specially designed devices. Once in London, they were dropped, then arranged in a “circular garden,” but not before Bloomberg and his colleagues spent thousands — and emitted thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere — getting the chunks from one place to another.

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