If this 11-year-old is the ‘future of America,’ God help us all

If this 11-year-old is the ‘future of America,’ God help us all
11-year-old drag queen (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Very sad but remarkably not the first child to be brainwashed into this madness. As in other cases, the mother is clearly an enabler.]

At the 2017 DragConRuPaul called Desmond is Amazing “the future of America”. Desmond was born in June 2007, appropriately during NYC Pride Week, at St Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. He claims on his website bio that “he came out of the closet when he was born” and has, since then, with the help of his mum Wendy Napoles (aka his ‘dragager’) started to build an empire. Desmond is a performer, drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, model, fashion designer, Dazed 100 alum, and the founder of his own drag house. Director Breno Moreira was so inspired by this trail-blazing 11-year-old that he’s made a new short film about him, simply titled Desmond is Amazing. 

Shot on 16mm film, the film’s personal and dream-like scenes depict a day in the life of Desmond, and the close bond he has with his supportive mother. Wendy traces Desmond’s obsession back to her own love of RuPaul, and her son’s subsequent fascination with Drag Race. When Desmond was six years old, he began to lose interest completely in boys’ clothing. As he says adamantly in the film, “I didn’t want no Sonic t-shirts”; he wanted to wear dresses, skirts and pink shirts.

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