Zinke to resign from Interior, citing cost of defending against ‘false allegations’

Zinke to resign from Interior, citing cost of defending against ‘false allegations’
Secretary Zinke arrives for his first day at Interior on horseback with the Park Police. (Image: Screen grab of Wochit video, YouTube)

[Ed. – The MSM are high-fiving the success of driving Zinke out by getting a dozen specious investigations started.  We will discover just by waiting long enough that there’s nothing to the allegations, and that no one cares about them anymore once Zinke is gone.  But Zinke got a lot done to roll back the extremely destructive regulatory agenda of the previous administration, and his likely successor will too, for however long he can hold on.]

Mr. Zinke, in the conversation via text, said that he decided in consultation with his family to leave the job and that President Trump had supported him in all the investigations.

“Every vicious allegation that is investigated leads to the same conclusion: no wrongdoing,” he said. “Ten straight investigations ranging from my wife riding in the same vehicle to the socks I wear. It’s sad when public service means risking bankruptcy defending false allegations. I don’t see it stopping under a new Congress.”

Mr. Zinke has aggressively responded to critics. Last month, Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, the incoming chairman of the House committee that oversees the Interior Department, said in an opinion piece in USA Today that Mr. Zinke was unfit to lead the department and called on him to resign.

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