Reporters shooed from courthouse during mystery hearing, possibly Mueller-linked

Reporters shooed from courthouse during mystery hearing, possibly Mueller-linked
(Image: Screen grab of MSNBC video)

[Ed. – Reporters are probably right that this event on Friday, at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, was connected to a mystery witness who’s been fighting a Mueller subpoena.  The case is at the appeals court level now.  But apparently security was so tight that reporters can’t even say for sure what they were being excluded from.  Makes me wonder if the mystery witness is one of the Trump children, fighting a subpoena to be a witness against someone else.]

More than a dozen reporters who had been staked out in the hallway adjacent to the courtroom — in the hopes of eyeballing attorneys for Mueller or the mystery appellant’s lawyers — were kicked off the floor and lost their best chance to spot anyone involved in the months-long legal dispute as they were entering or exiting the chambers. …

Determined to keep covering the story, reporters spread out around the courthouse and quickly set up a group email chain to pool their resources and communicate about who saw what in the hallways, elevators, staircases and entrances throughout the building. One television network reporter even stood guard at the top of a ramp leading to a secure parking garage where Mueller’s team has been known to bring in clandestine grand jury witnesses.

As the media played cat-and-mouse with the courtroom security guards — several reporters were reprimanded for waiting in stairwells — the additional measures undertaken Friday surprised many people familiar with the federal building’s practices.

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