It’s official: Weekly Standard magazine to close

It’s official: Weekly Standard magazine to close
Bill Kristol (Image: YouTube screen grab via Conversations with Bill Kristol)

[Ed. – As with so many things these days, there’s probably more here than meets the eye.  On the surface, however, it probably is accurate to say that branding yourself as NeverTrump is not a money-maker for conservative media.]

The Weekly Standard, the magazine that espouses traditional conservatism and which has remained deeply critical of President Donald Trump, will shutter after 23 years, its owner Clarity Media Group announced Friday morning. The magazine will publish its final issue on December 17.

The announcement came after the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephen Hayes, met privately with Ryan McKibben, the chief executive and chairman of Clarity Media Group, a media holding company owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz. …

Employees were … told to clear out their desks by the end of the day. People familiar with the matter said that the email addresses of employees were already in the process of being shut off.

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