Newly unionized Slate staff votes to strike

Newly unionized Slate staff votes to strike
Image: Slate

[Ed. – Management of the liberal rag should be delighted.]

Recently unionized writers and editors at Slate have reportedly voted almost unanimously to strike over concerns about the company’s diversity policies and a rule mandating that union fees be optional for Slate employees.

Bloomberg News reports that Slate employees voted 52 to 1 in favor of a strike and have begun considering when workers will walk out. A spokesman for the union told Bloomberg that the rules mandating optional union fees at the left-leaning blog seemed to be a “betrayal” of the site’s values.

“We just feel that it’s a total and absolute betrayal of Slate’s most fundamental values,” Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern told Bloomberg.

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A request for comment from Slate was not immediately returned. Representatives for Slates’s union released a chain of messages on Twitter Tuesday morning following the vote, further accusing Slate management of trying to “degrade the legitimacy” of Slate’s union.

“We’ve been bargaining our contract for 8 months. We’re excited by a lot of what we’ve achieved at the table. But we’re still dismayed by management’s position on certain key issues,” the union tweeted.

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