John Kelly to leave as Trump’s chief of staff at end of the month

John Kelly to leave as Trump’s chief of staff at end of the month

[Ed. – You have to discount quite literally 70-80% of what the MSM are saying about these things to have an accurate view of what’s going on.  But Trump himself put this word out before he left for The Game Saturday morning.]

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly, who was assigned to bring a level of discipline to President Donald Trump’s often chaotic administration, is leaving the post after internal tensions increasingly spilled into public view in recent months, Trump said Saturday.

“John Kelly will be leaving toward the end of the year,” the president told reporters as he left the White House for the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia.

Trump, who called Kelly “a great guy” despite their clashes, said he will announce a successor – perhaps an interim one – in a few days.

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The president was careful not to describe Kelly’s exit as a firing, saying that “John Kelly will be leaving – I don’t know if I can say ‘retiring.’” He thanked the former Marine general for his long years of public service.

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