U.S: Terror tunnels found by IDF suggest Iran planning ‘massive’ war in Mideast

U.S: Terror tunnels found by IDF suggest Iran planning ‘massive’ war in Mideast
IDF begins destroying terror tunnels on border with Lebanon. YouTube, AFP video

[Ed. – As Sen. Cruz’s spokesman says, this is one of the top things Iran put the windfall from Obama into after the JCPOA was adopted (never signed).  The point of calling Iran out on it is to wield the rhetoric of deterrence.  We can hope, per Adam Kredo’s point, that the Trump administration won’t paper over what Iran is doing, as the previous administration did for so long with Iran’s activities in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.]

The public identification of Iran isn’t likely to surprise international observers, but signals aggressive moves by the Trump administration to tie Iran to the rise of terrorism not just in Israel, but across the Middle East, where Iranian-backed militants continue to strike U.S. interests and allies. …

Senior U.S. officials familiar with Israel’s discovery of these new tunnels—a tactic long used by Hezbollah and Hamas to conduct cross-border raids against Israeli civilians and military personnel—say they mark a massive escalation by Iran’s terror proxies. …

The timing of Israel’s military operations signal a deep coordination with the Trump administration, which told the Free Beacon the United States will stand side-by-side with the Jewish state as it works to thwart Iran’s terror enterprise.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) said the tunnels show Iran used money from sanctions lifted under the Obama administration for military purposes.

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