Bush funeral wasn’t about Trump. Oh, wait – of course it was

Bush funeral wasn’t about Trump. Oh, wait – of course it was
Pres. George H. W. Bush lying in state in the Capitol rotunda (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Apparently, for some folks everything is about Trump.]

The service was replete with praise for the 41st president that could, with just the slightest nudge of interpretation, be heard as implied rebuke of the 45th president. But only implied, never explicit—this, unlike almost everything else in American politics today, was not about Donald Trump.

And yet it very much was. Speakers rhapsodized about Bush’s natural good cheer and optimism; his willingness to share credit and accept blame; his preference for self-deprecating humor; his gift for personal diplomacy; his loyalty to friends when they were down; his talent at assembling international coalitions; his mistrust of “unthinking partisanship”; his inaugural address in which he said that Americans must judge our lives by kindness to friends and neighbors rather than the pursuit of “a bigger car, a bigger bank account”; his commitment to truth and to living up to the obligations of a “gentleman.”


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The Bush family … was willing to set aside its disdain for Trump … they made it clear that their leader had very much wanted the current president to be there … a shrewdly effective way to shift the week’s events toward ground—polite, decorous, devoid of controversy—that is hardly Trump’s natural terrain. One supposes that he was not sorry when the plane that is normally Air Force One lifted off to carry the 41st president back to Texas for burial, allowing Washington to return to normal business for the first time since Friday evening.

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