World’s first sex robot for women

World’s first sex robot for women
'Henry' (Image: Instagram/AbyssRealDoll via The Sun)

[Ed. – Another stop toward equality. Especially noteworthy is that the penis is detachable, a trait unavailable in most male sex partners.]

Henry might appear to be every heterosexual girl’s dream, with his rugged appearance and angular cheekbones which have been compared to a “young Brad Pitt”.

But whatever the claims of his performance between the sheets, he still can’t take the bins out.

However, Henry does come equipped with a silicone penis that can be customised – though it’s not yet bionic.

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All 5′ 11″ of Henry can be yours for around £7,800 ($10,000) but the price varies depending on the specifications the buyer selects.

He’s also well-equipped – in an AI sense – and can recite poetry or the lyrics to your favourite songs as well as tell jokes.

Henry can also welcome you home after a long day – all with a British accent, if you want.

The company does produce a range of male dolls, which can be customised to some extent.

While the basic dolls – also called Michael, Mick and Nate – have a basic design things such as eye and hair colour can be selected, as well as skin tone.

Buyers can also select penis type, which can be detachable.

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