‘The Simpsons’ claims Jim Crow-era racism is ‘now everywhere’ in America in 2018

‘The Simpsons’ claims Jim Crow-era racism is ‘now everywhere’ in America in 2018
Homer Simpson (Image: Fox video screen grab)

[Ed. – A pox on the show, which stopped being funny years ago.]

The Simpsons repeated the popular left-wing narrative of rampant racism in the United States in season 30, episode nine, titled “Daddicus Finch,” which aired on Sunday night.

The episode focused on a strong father-daughter relationship between Homer Simpson and Lisa, but also managed to sneak in the left-wing narrative when talking about the book “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

The show made it evidently clear why they had Homer say this, as well. In the very next scene where Homer and Lisa are at the Springfield mall, the show’s TV news anchor, Kent Brockman, can be seen interviewing three blue collar men who voted for President Donald Trump seemingly to guilt them for their votes.

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… [N]ot only does the show make the absurd claim that racism is everywhere in the country, implying that it is worse than it was in the Jim Crow-era South, but it seems as though they are trying to pin it on President Donald Trump and his administration.

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