World’s smallest violin: Michael Avenatti is crashing and burning

World’s smallest violin: Michael Avenatti is crashing and burning
Michael Avenatti (Image: YouTube screen grab via The View)

[Ed. – Who on earth is this article intended for? Are there people among Politico’s readers whose response to this cretin’s reversals is something other than ‘The system works’?]

Michael Avenatti’s cable TV bookings have dwindled. He was uninvited from one prominent Democratic event and skipped out on another. Now his highest-profile client is bringing new allegations against him.

In just a matter of weeks, Avenatti’s fortunes have taken a nosedive, rapidly downshifting him from 2020 presidential prospect to political pariah.

After a domestic violence arrest in Los Angeles and a public rift with his porn star client Stormy Daniels over fees and legal strategy, even some of his most loyal supporters are questioning whetherhe can survive the latest round of challenges and remain a viable candidate.

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“As a friend, I’m concerned about him. When I call him to say ‘Hey, how you doing?’ It’s pretty obvious he’s going through a pretty rough time now,” said David Betras, a Democratic county chairman in Youngstown, Ohio, and one of Avenatti’s earliest political backers. “I’m more worried about these pending charges. Domestic abuse? That’s pretty bad for a run for president.”

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