Jewish actress Natasha Leggero: Great thing about Judaism is ‘abortions are cool’

Jewish actress Natasha Leggero: Great thing about Judaism is ‘abortions are cool’
Natasha Leggero (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – If she believes Judaism is ‘cool’ with abortion, or even that the Sabbath is a weekly party, then the 19 four-hours courses she took as a first step toward converting were lost on her. While Judaism takes a far less stringent approach to abortion than Catholicism does, there is still broad objection to to the practice except in cases where the mother’s life is in jeopardy.]

During his show May 26, Conan O’Brien invited actress and recent Judiaism convert Natasha Leggero onto his show. Leggero praised her new religion for treating abortion as “cool” enough to have on “every Jewish holiday.” After all, she reasoned, it’s good to have a back-up to fall on, just like AAA for cars.


Raised Catholic, Leggero slammed her former Catholic school run by “mean” nuns.

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“[M]aybe they hate women, because nuns were so mean to me,” she said before slyly inserting, “and of course, the priests are like so nice to the boys.”

She found Judaism, on the other hand, a “beautiful religion.”

“You get to have a weekly Shabbat,” she gushed, “which is just like a party every Friday.”

In the middle of her appearance, Leggero revealed just why she was such a fan of Judaism: abortion.

“You’re part of this beautiful religion seeped in culture,” she gushed about her new religion, before adding, “Abortions are cool.”

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