VIDEO: UN Migration Pact will flood Europe with 59 million migrants, MEP warns

VIDEO: UN Migration Pact will flood Europe with 59 million migrants, MEP warns
Iraqi refugees in limbo after Obama administration stopped processing refugee requests In 2011 (Image via Pamela Geller)

[Ed. – As of Dec. 12, borders in most European nations will become nearly open and no matter what happens, you won’t be able to complain about it because the pact makes it a crime to criticize the pact. Government will be able to send you to prison for questioning migration policy. – Philip Schuyler]

Janice Atkinson MEP: A Call to Action!

UK and EU citizens, get your heads out of the Brexit shambles long enough to write a letter to your heads of state before its too late!

The UN Migration Compact explained by Janice Atkinson MEP. The compact will be signed on 11/12 December if we don’t do something now! May, Merkel, Macron and other leaders will sign this and bind our countries to a no borders agreement.

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Watch the video below to learn about the UN Migration Compact and why we need to send letters to our heads of state to tell them NOT to sign this disastrous compact!

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