George H.W. Bush was the exact political opposite of Donald Trump

George H.W. Bush was the exact political opposite of Donald Trump
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[Ed. – A Trump hit job disguised as a tribute to the late George H. W. Bush. When Cillizza praises Bush for not being the kind to vilify opponents (which is also a not-so-subtle dig at Trump) was he also thinking of Barack Obama, who freely vilified anyone who disagreed with him?]

George H.W. Bush would never have been elected to anything in the modern Republican Party.

It’s not because the former president, who died at age 94 on Friday, wasn’t a “real” Republican. Bush believed in lower taxes, a smaller federal government and a robust military — the general principles that, until the last few years, have defined modern conservatism.

It’s because of Bush’s approach to politics. He was not a fire-breather. His first instinct was not to vilify anyone who disagreed with him. He believed in the idea that good people can disagree. He saw compromise as a reasonable goal of government.

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In the modern parlance of Republican politics, Bush’s gentility would be read as insufficient commitment to the conservative cause. He would be labeled a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) for his dalliances with Democrats on policy.


Donald Trump ran as much against the Republican Party of George H.W. Bush (and his sons) as he did against the past eight years of Obama during the 2016 GOP primaries. …

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