‘Fuel tax protests’: Paris is burning

‘Fuel tax protests’: Paris is burning
Fire at the Jeu de Paume gallery in Paris, 1 Dec 2018. Reports conflict as to whether inside the building or outside. Twitter video

[Ed. – The narrative continues to be that Paris is descending into chaos because of the protests over Macron’s fuel tax.  Yet recent videos show little activity that could be called “protest demonstrations.”  The use of rubber bullets, water cannons, and tear gas has largely cleared the streets of protesters.  The burning, vandalism, attacks on law enforcement of the last couple of days — those are coming from another source.  And it is extremely unconvincing to suggest that the source is these protesters who were interviewed a week ago about their grievances.  These people who just want to work for a living are not setting fires at the Jeu de Paume or rampaging through the Tuileries.]

Anti-government protesters torched dozens of cars and set fire to storefronts during daylong clashes with riot police across central Paris on Saturday, as thousands took part in fresh “yellow vest” protests against high fuel taxes.

Officers responded with tear gas after being targeted by protesters hurling rocks and other projectiles on the third weekend of demonstrations which have morphed into a broader rebuke of French President Emmanuel Macron. …

Protesters then led police on cat-and-mouse chases through other parts of the capital, setting cars and construction equipment alight and smashing windows.

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An assault rifle was stolen from a police vehicle, a source told AFP, though it was unclear if it was loaded.

One person was in a critical condition after protesters pulled down one of the huge iron gates of the Tuileries garden facing the famed Louvre museum, crushing several people.

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