Comey sues House in federal court over testimony subpoena

Comey sues House in federal court over testimony subpoena
He's got a secret. (Image: Screen grab of ABC The View video)

[Ed. – Stalling tactic. The arguments are specious, but Comey just has to make it through until the first working day of January.]

In the 17-page motion filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia late Thursday, a lawyer for Comey says the closed-door deposition “exceeds a proper legislative purpose, is issued in violation of House rules, and unduly prejudices and harasses the witness.” …

Comey’s testimony “will be subject to selective leaking by members of the Judiciary Committee in furtherance of the Committee’s abuse of these proceedings and harassment of witnesses who appear in closed-door depositions,” wrote his lawyer, Vincent Cohen.

“Mr. Comey asks this Court’s intervention not to avoid giving testimony but to prevent the [two committees] from using the pert of a closed interview to peddle a distorted, partisan political narrative about the Clinton and Russian investigations through selective leaks,” Cohen wrote.

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