‘You are in Melania Trump’s nightmare forest. Keep to the path.’

‘You are in Melania Trump’s nightmare forest. Keep to the path.’

[Ed. – This goes on for 6oo-plus words. What in the hell is it, and doesn’t the WaPo have anything better to publish?]

Listen to me. The trees in the White House were all green when I got here. They were all green as recently as Monday. But the trees have turned.

Walk faster.

Don’t be afraid. The trees would smell it.

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Things are wrong here. Little details are wrong. The attorney general is different. He hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate. We go nearly a month between daily press briefings. The trees are red. The phrase “Be Best” is everywhere. “Be Best.” As though to “be best” is grammatical and not the clumsy articulation of a child. But there are no children in the forest. This forest is no place for children.

Last year the trees were a hideous, ghastly white. It was always winter and never Christmas.

This year everything is red. It is perfectly natural that the trees are red. The trees are red (the Internet says) as a handmaid’s cloak. Do not think of blood. Keep walking.

Has anyone seen or heard from Scott Pruitt? Don’t look startled. … Keep walking. Look straight ahead.

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