Trump cancels Putin meet at G-20 over Ukraine situation

Trump cancels Putin meet at G-20 over Ukraine situation
Putin and Trump at G-20 in July 2017. (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS News)

[Ed. – There’s no satisfactory symmetrical response to Russia’s attack on and seizure of Ukrainian vessels in what are disputed but widely acknowledged as “internal” waters.  Canceling the previously scheduled one-on-one with Putin is what most conventional statesmen would do.  We’ll see what else comes.]

President Trump on Thursday canceled a planned meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin set for this weekend, citing Russia’s recent seizure of three Ukrainian naval ships.

In recent days Mr. Trump has wavered about whether he would meet with his Russian counterpart at the Group of 20 summit meeting in Buenos Aires. Before leaving for the summit on Thursday morning, he told reporters outside the White House he would “probably” keep the appointment with Mr. Putin.

“They’d like to have it,” he said of the Russian leadership.

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But soon after boarding Air Force One, Mr. Trump sent out a pair of tweets calling off the meeting, citing Russia’s recent actions against Ukraine.

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