Alex Trebek mispronounced the name of my people on ‘Jeopardy!’ Why it matters

Alex Trebek mispronounced the name of my people on ‘Jeopardy!’ Why it matters
Alex Trebek Jeopardy (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – What Alex Trebek’s mispronunciation of the name of her people mattering so much reveals about the author and what the HuffPost’s decision to publish this neurotic drivel says about that website.]

I’m really sorry, but I have to drag Alex Trebek.


I’m … a grad student in my 30s … and though I use my American nickname, Shirley, a lot, I’ve been more inclined to offer Ngozi in professional settings. It is with this blessed, shining new armor that I sat myself in front of my laptop recently to binge-watch specially released “classic” episodes of “Jeopardy!” …

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And then it happened: Alex Trebek mispronounced “Igbo,” the name of the people of my blood, saying the “g” when the “g” should be silent.

The record of my mind began spinning out and then scratched hard. Cue nails on a chalkboard and glass-breaking post-operatic high C. I just kept thinking to myself ― do European and Eastern and other regions merit more attention than African nations? Than Nigeria?

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