Washington Post claims there’s a ‘surge’ in right-wing violence – but there isn’t

Washington Post claims there’s a ‘surge’ in right-wing violence – but there isn’t
Antifa thugs look for pro-Trump ralliers to attack in Berkeley, 2017. (Image: Screen grab via Twitter)

[Ed. – Harsanyi shows how you have cherry-pick and special-plead to “prove” WaPo’s predetermined point. There is “right-wing” violence, which ought to be watched and prevented.  But there’s not much, and there isn’t “more.”]

According to The Washington Post, which relies on Global Terrorism Database (GTD) data, there were allegedly zero — not one — acts of right-wing terrorism in the entire nation in the year 2002. Since then we have seen a “surge” to 36 in a nation of 325-plus million people by 2017. Among those acts, there were 11 fatalities.

Or, in other words, fewer homicides were committed by political terrorists of any stripe in the United States in 2017 than were committed by illegal immigrants in the state of Texas alone — which I am assured is an incredibly low number that shouldn’t worry us very much. If one of these is scaremongering, why not the other?

Then again, even if we use the criteria offered by GTD, we need to be exceptionally generous to even get to 36 incidents of right-wing violence in 2017 (I could only find 32). …

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Then there is the matter of inconsistently defining terrorism. If throwing a rock through the window of an Islamic center is an act of right-wing terrorism, why isn’t it an act of left-wing terrorism for anti-capitalists to throw rocks through the window of a business in Portland?

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