NYT reporter demands you become ‘hysterical’ about global warming

NYT reporter demands you become ‘hysterical’ about global warming
Image: Twitter video screen grab

[Ed. – Sounds perfectly rational.]

On Friday, the Trump administration issue a congressionally mandated report about climate change that claimed it looked 100 years into the future and was designed to scare people. The liberal media were apoplectic that the administration dismissed the findings as they tried to spread the panic. New York Timesreporter Helene Cooper, during her Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, was particularly adamant that everyone in America needed to be running around in hysterics over the report.

I actually think we should be hysterical,” Cooper demanded in defiance of American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka who was the lone rational voice on the panel pleading for calm.

I think anybody that has children or anybody who can imagine having children and grandchildren. How could you look at them and think this is the kind of world that through our own inaction and our inability to do something that we’re going to leave them,” Cooper freaked out directing her ire at Pletka.

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