France passes laws to crack down on ‘fake news’ during elections

France passes laws to crack down on ‘fake news’ during elections

[Ed. – Is there a French-language version of Snopes they can rely on to verify sources?]

The French National Assembly has approved two laws to crack down on false information during election campaigns, despite criticism from the opposition.

President Emmanuel Macron promised the law earlier this year amid widespread concern in Western Europe about the alleged role of Russian-owned media and Russian-backed social media accounts in backing populist forces during elections.

The new laws will empower judges, in the run-up to elections, to order internet firms to remove ‘incorrect or misleading allegations or accusations’ that are likely to bias elections if they are published widely via an internet service.

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Internet firms over a certain size will also have to provide full information about any advertisers promoting content relating to matters of public debate in the run-up to a vote.

The law also gives broadcasting authorities wider powers to reject or cancel licences for radio or television stations that are owned or influenced by foreign governments.

Macron, a pro-EU liberal, has previously criticized Russian-owned media Sputnik and RT as organs of propaganda, charges they deny.

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