The greatest threat to American journalism: the loss of neutral reporting

The greatest threat to American journalism: the loss of neutral reporting

[Ed. – This op-ed should be a must-read for every journalist working today.]

Over the past several months, I’ve watched, read and heard much about the potential Armageddon facing the profession of journalism.

I’ve watched colleagues proclaim that “fake news” attacks by President Trump, crowd chants of “enemies” and the expulsion of CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House press room pose the greatest threats to news reporting in history.

I respectfully disagree.

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We journalists have more freedom, more reach, and more ability to inform today than ever before. But with those advantages comes an even greater responsibility to the public, one I fear is being denigrated by journalists who substitute opinion for facts and emotion for dispassion.

… [W]hat most threatens journalism today is the behavior of its own practitioners.

We have become too full of our own opinions, too enthralled with our own celebrity, too emotionally offended by warranted and unwarranted criticism, and too astray from the neutral, factual voice our teachers in journalism school insisted we practice.

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