15-times deported illegal, in jail for 1.5 years, awaits sentencing delayed by hit-and-run case

15-times deported illegal, in jail for 1.5 years, awaits sentencing delayed by hit-and-run case
Fox 5 San Diego video

[Ed. – A poster case for why there is no net benefit to the U.S. from the failure of border enforcement.  We need to import more incorrigible low-grade felons? We don’t grow enough of our own in this expensive, time-consuming category?]

[Constantino] Banda-Acosta is a Mexican national and a 15-time United States’ deportee. He has been in federal custody since May 2017 after he was accused but never convicted of drunk-driving and hitting a 6-year-old American girl before fleeing the scene. Since then, the man has had two hung trials and his case has been dismissed by a federal judge. But, he still is guilty of returning to the country after being removed. Now, the United States Attorney’s office requests that the San Diego federal judge view Banda-Acosta as a “danger” because of the evidence surrounding that hit-and-run and give the illegal alien a harsher jail sentence.


Banda-Acosta had been binge drinking all day at his friend’s house before heading to his favorite Chula Vista restaurant for a few more drinks. …

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Banda-Acosta’s pal and fellow illegal alien, Jorge Adame Ariz, then picked up his sorry excuse for a friend and drove off in Banda-Acosta’s truck. Ariz was swerving out of the parking lot, according to witnesses. A few miles down the road, the two men ran a traffic light and hit 6-year-old Lennox Lake who was injured and is still recovering to this day.

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