ESPN loses 2 million more subscribers in 2018

ESPN loses 2 million more subscribers in 2018
Water breaks through the dam in 'Force 10 from Navarone.' (Image: Screen grab of YouTube clip)

[Ed. – Edifice crumbles.  Remember, ESPN is the financial core of the Disney/ABC conglomerate.  The old media model that holds public-narrative-retailing captive is collapsing.]

Yesterday Disney announced in its yearly 10K filing that ESPN lost another two million subscribers in fiscal year 2018.

ESPN now has 86 million subscribers, down from over 100 million subscribers in 2011.

Now the positive for ESPN is that the rate of subscriber decline seems to have slowed this year, but the negative is that since 2011 ESPN has now lost 15 million cable and satellite subscribers. Those 15 million lost subscribers equate to $1.44 billion a year in lost yearly revenue that ESPN will never be able to book. (This is based on an $8 a month subscriber cost for ESPN multiplied by 12 months in the year.) Again, this isn’t just a one time yearly revenue loss, this is a loss in yearly revenue forever.

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