How to talk to a Fox News viewer

How to talk to a Fox News viewer
Babies address each other's misinformation and cognitive dissonance. YouTube, jayrandall22011 video

[Ed. – Who would have Thanksgiving dinner with a leftist? They seem to come to the table sweating bullets over the opportunity to talk politics to the savages.  It’s been like this for a decade now, but I don’t remember it ever being so bad before that.  Still, who, equally, could not love this piece for having numbered footnotes?]

Fox News continues to be the most watched cable news channel in America. It is extremely influential, even if – or perhaps, because – its viewers are so much less informed than those who watch other channels or watch no news at all. Fox News misinform as it entertains, so much so that it has garnered its own Wikipedia page of controversies and errors.

You smug, Ivy League-educated, coastal elites can stop laughing. That arrogance is preventing you from using the latest advances in influence and persuasion. Your rejection of academic research makes you no better than the anti-vaxxers and global warming denialists, who also have ignore Science. …

1.  Understand Cognitive Dissonance: This is the mechanism that allows people to ignore facts that are inconsistent with their ideology or worldview.2

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