Finally: An official guide to scoring intersectional victimhood

Finally: An official guide to scoring intersectional victimhood
Poster child for intersectionality. Al Jazeera video, YouTube

[Ed. – Just in time for those dramatically changing Democrats. You can develop scorecards to keep up with the rankings.]

The problem is that the concept has been twisted into a victimhood Olympics, where people are now competing with each other to be the top victims and therefore most deserving of attention.

This thinking has become so mainstream that in large swaths of the Western world, logic and morality have become nearly meaningless in the face of the intersectional view of the world where your identity as a member of a victim group trumps all else.

All that matters in any conflict – from mere arguments on Twitter to large scale wars – is to understand which side is perceived to be the bigger victim.

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Attribute                                                                      Victimhood score

Trans                                                                               8

Black                                                                               8

Native American or other First People                           7


Christian (white only)                                                     -3

Jew                                                                                -3

White nationalist/neo Nazi                                           -18

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