Britain needs its own Mueller

Britain needs its own Mueller
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[Ed. – The drumbeat on this has been accelerating, with Nigel Farage and Brexit as the target.  It’s not just Brit pundits saying they need a “Mueller”; it’s Mueller actually investigating Farage.  Seems like a lot of, well, collusion going on — between Mueller probe backers in the U.S. and anti-Brexiters in the UK.]

In 2014, Steve Bannon set up Breitbart News in London with the specific intention of helping and supporting Farage’s campaign to take Britain out of the EU. The money came from Robert Mercer, the hedge-fund billionaire who would go on to become the single biggest donor to the Trump campaign. And Cambridge Analytica was another star in their firmament. Of course, they would help. Brexit, Wigmore explained, was the “petri dish” for Trump.

Fast forward twenty-one months and the story that was set in motion that day keeps spinning on. It was Wigmore’s words that led me to hunt down Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica employee-turned-whistleblower with whom I worked for a year to get on record for The Observer in the UK and The New York Times in the US. Cambridge Analytica is no more. Since then, Mark Zuckerberg has been dragged before Congress to account for Facebook’s actions. And in Britain, over the course of two years, the story has spawned a laundry list of official inquiries and investigations in Britain: into illegal use of data, into illegal electoral spending, into the source of Banks’s donation, into illegal campaign co-ordination—investigations whose final results we are unlikely to know until after Britain has exited the European Union at the end of March 2019.

But the most vital questions have not yet even started to be answered. What is Nigel Farage’s relationship to Donald Trump?

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