CNN’s Chris Cuomo skips Avenatti news, rest of network barely touches

CNN’s Chris Cuomo skips Avenatti news, rest of network barely touches
Chris Cuomo (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – So much for CNN’s claim to be a legitimate news source.]

For anyone who has watched CNN in 2018, the idea of the network skipping a story featuring Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti, or even being dragged kicking and screaming to it rather than enthusiastically covering it in every hour, would have been unthinkable before last night.

But once news broke that the man who managed to make the Brett Kavanaugh hearings even less dignified had himself been arrested on charges of domestic assault — the network grew oddly reluctant to cover it.

Or in the case of one of the biggest Avenatti promoters Chris Cuomo, didn’t cover it at all.

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Alisyn Camerota, who has interviewed Avenatti in the past and even expressed skepticism over some of the allegations he’s made, is a frequent on-air lecturer on feminism and #MeToo. She didn’t mention his name either Thursday morning, even while her co-host, John Berman, briefly reported Avenatti’s denial.

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