Why Democrats aren’t more excited about the 2018 midterm results

Why Democrats aren’t more excited about the 2018 midterm results
No, not Friday 11 August. This torchlight rally led by white supremacist Richard Spencer was in Charlottesville on 14 May 2017. (Image: Screen grab of World News/ABC video, YouTube)

[Ed. – In other words, the Dems wanted Trump’s head on a pike and failed to get it, as noted here.]

Yet, here we are two days later, and Democrats aren’t exactly swinging from the chandeliers. To be sure, it’s hard for the party out of the White House to drive a narrative. It’s especially hard in the era of Trump. Not only did he declare victory on Wednesday, but the President has already moved on to other issues, moving the focus of the news media along with it. Moreover, narratives get set on election night. …

But, it’s more than that. Democrats wanted this election to be about more than just winning the House or the Senate. They wanted 2018 to be a total rebuke of Trump. A wipe out of epic proportions all across the country. That didn’t happen. What we saw instead was more of a retrenchment. Red areas stayed red; blue areas stayed blue. The only real movement was in districts that were  purple — districts that had voted for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or had narrowly supported Trump- tipped overwhelmingly to Democrats. As my colleague David Wasserman pointed out, Democrats didn’t flip any district that Trump had carried by 55 percent or more.

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