Trump telling reporter to sit down two days ago led to a threat against her … last month

Trump telling reporter to sit down two days ago led to a threat against her … last month
April Ryan (Image: CNN video screen grab)

[Ed. – Donald Trump is one magic president. A reporter tries to bait him, he tells her to sit down and then causes someone at an earlier point in time to write her a threatening letter.]

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, April has received at least 2 serious threats. The first one came in September … someone emailed her and said,  “Your not black. Your a loser with a big mouth that need slapped. If I ever see you, you’re slap is coming. Go eat more s***.”

The other came last month. April got a letter from a guy who claimed to be an ex-Army Ranger. He said, “I know who you are; what you look like; where you work; where you live, and what you drive … so I think I’ll pay you a visit soon. Trust me — it will be the worst day of your life!”

April Ryan has security to protect her from the crazies who might actually view her as an “enemy of the people” … after a series of verbal attacks by President Donald Trump.

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April appeared Thursday on “TMZ Live,” and we asked if she was receiving death threats after Trump rudely told her to sit down when she tried asking a question about voter suppression. It’s the latest Trump attack against the American Urban Radio Networks Correspondent.

April didn’t want to talk about specific threats, but made it clear she has a security team in place, which seems to be a reality of life for White House Correspondents who raise the President’s ire.

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