Hollywood libs: Vote for Democrats, who will stop Trump’s illegal border enforcement

Hollywood libs: Vote for Democrats, who will stop Trump’s illegal border enforcement
Child migrants in 2014.

[Ed. – Did Obama also violate ‘international law’ by ‘imprisoning the children’ shown above?]

Hollywood stars Julianne Moore and Rosario Dawson teamed up to endorse Democrats in a midterm vote video taking the Trump administration to task over its immigration policy and claiming that President Donald Trump is violating “international law” by “imprisoning children.”

The ad was made for the leftist group We Stand United, an organization formed by activist actors Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Cohen, Fisher Stevens, Julia Walsh, Marisa Tomei, Christina Papagjika, Rebecca Chaiklin, Schele Williams, among others. The group has worked with other hard-left organizations headed by activists such as Michael Bloomberg and Al Sharpton.

In the latest ad, Moore and Dawson rip into the Trump administration accusing President Trump of “violating international law” and “putting children in jails.”

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According to a press release, the video exclaims that “Trump violated international law by detaining children and families who were legally seeking asylum, cruelly separated families and placed the children in cages, and that when released from detention centers, asylum-seekers are left without food or money. Furthermore, many immigrants were packed into ‘ice boxes’ where the temperature is kept at 56 degrees, resulting in many of them getting sick.”

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