Ana Navarro: Why I’m voting for Andrew Gillum (a Democrat!)

Ana Navarro: Why I’m voting for Andrew Gillum (a Democrat!)
Ana Navarro (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – If you wondered why CNN saw fit to run an article by this contentious, closed-minded liberal, the explanation comes in an editor’s note, which advises ‘Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist and CNN political commentator.’ (Emphasis added). Here are some examples of this GOP strategist’s views.]

My Florida absentee ballot had been sitting on my kitchen counter unopened for more than two weeks. Every day, I avoided it as if it was a Zika-infected mosquito. I finally filled it out, and then I schlepped it in my bag for a few more days before putting it in the mail. I was giving myself a chance to change my mind. I wanted to delay the unavoidable.

I am a lifelong Republican. Since I began voting, I have always voted for Republicans running in state races in Florida. This year, I filled out my ballot for Democrat Andrew Gillum. And on Thursday, I finally put it in the mail.

Ron DeSantis, a Republican, ran a primary campaign in which he portrayed himself as Donald Trump’s Mini-Me. His signature issue during the primary was building a wall, which is weird because, well, Florida is not a border state. It’s a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. Trump weighed in heavily in favor of DeSantis during the primary, who is now deeply in his debt.

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