The midterm elections are a referendum on Donald Trump

The midterm elections are a referendum on Donald Trump

[Ed. – Let’s hope so because the Left has this all completely wrong.]

Trump is a masterful demagogue of the entertainment age. His instruments are resentment, sarcasm, unbounded insult, casual mendacity, and the swaggering assertion of dominance. From his desk in the Oval Office, on Twitter, and at political rallies across the country, he spews poison into the atmosphere. …

No one suggests that he is a perpetrator, but pipe bombs as a tool of political intimidation do not arrive unexpectedly. They come after the President’s remarks on “birtherism,” Mexican “rapists,” and Charlottesville; after “enemy of the people” and “Lock Her Up!” They come after he has mocked the disabled and victims of sexual violence, after he has praised many of the world’s autocrats and diminished democratic allies. Violence, for him, is a source of titillation. Recently, Trump rallied Montana Republicans by extolling their incumbent congressman, Greg Gianforte—“He’s my guy”—not because Gianforte had devised a piece of legislation for the common good but because he had body-slammed a reporter to the ground. “This is actually exactly why my father won,” Eric Trump said recently on Fox News. He is “un-P.C.,” not a “perfectly scripted politician.”

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