#IAmSexist: It’s time we men take responsibility for our role in the problem of violence against women

#IAmSexist: It’s time we men take responsibility for our role in the problem of violence against women
George Yancy (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Try #IAmAnIdiot. Fits better. So does #IAmARacist.]

Men, listen up.

In light of a year of disturbing revelations from the #MeToo movement and from last month’s profoundly troubling Brett Kavanaugh hearings and his eventual confirmation to the Supreme Court, it is time that we, men, act.

Certainly, some of us men have spoken out on behalf of women. But many more of us have remained silent. Some have kept silent out of fear of being judged, fear of criticism or censure, others out of genuine respect. In fact, silence has become the default stance of many men who consider themselves “allies” of women. But given all that has transpired, staying out of it is no longer enough.

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I’ve decided not to cut corners. So, join me, with due diligence and civic duty, and publicly claim: I am sexist!

In fact, perhaps it is time that we lay claim to a movement — #IamSexist. Think about its national and international implications as we take responsibility for our sexism, our misogyny, our patriarchy.

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